Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix Gluten Free

Bob's Red Mill Brownie Mix Gluten Free

So it’s time for another product review and this time I’m reviewing Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix – Gluten Free.

Jesse brought the mix home from the shops the other week and I had a chocolate craving, so thought why not bake brownies? The packaging mentions adding other ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate chips and walnuts to add some extra texture and flavour. I chose to add some pecans to mix it up!

Pros for Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix
– Only two ingredients required from your pantry (eggs & butter)
– Option to individualise the brownies with an extra ingredient or two
– Simple one step recipe that only requires one bowl
– Takes 10 minutes to prepare and bakes in 30 minutes
– The brownies are moist with a rich but not overpowering chocolate taste
– Brownies remain fresh for 3-4 days

Cons for Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix
– The brownie mixture although moist inside becomes quite dry on top
– There is no guidance regarding the amount of extra ingredients you should add to the brownie mixture

Finally, would I bake these brownies again? Yes, but only if the mixture was heavily discounted at the supermarket and I didn’t have time to make one of my own brownie recipes for visitors.

Please note all opinions are my own and I purchased this product of my own accord.

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