Gluten Free Rolo No Bake Cheesecake

Rolo No Bake Cheesecake Gluten Free

Feeling refreshed after my holiday to New Zealand I was back in the kitchen on the weekend to bake this Gluten Free Rolo No Bake Cheesecake for Jesse’s birthday!

As always I’d asked Jesse to think about what type of cake he wanted and he decided on a cheesecake but wasn’t specific about flavour. After a search through my Pinterest account, I sent a selection for him to choose from, and this year he chose a Rolo No Bake Cheesecake.

Nestle chocolate Rolo’s aren’t easy to find in Australia, so I used the Rolo chocolate you buy in a block and left the individual Rolo chocolates I managed to find for decoration only. The end result was amazing and we may have eaten it three nights in a row…

Thanks to Jane’s Patisserie for the original recipe which I then modified to be gluten free with homemade caramel and Rolo chocolate in a block. Feel free to head over to my Instagram account if you want to see a few pics from our holiday or a recap of the last 3 birthday cakes I made Jesse.

P.S. It’s starting to get to the busy end of the year with multiple birthdays, catch ups with friends, the racing carnival and christmas parties coming up. This means there is a lot of baking ahead for me and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Happy Wednesday!
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Caramel Shortbread Biscuits Gluten Free

Caramel Shortbread Biscuits Gluten Free

All I seem to be baking at the moment is biscuits, including these Gluten Free Caramel Shortbread Biscuits! I think it’s partly due to the weather (I love a good biscuit with my cup of tea) and the fact that they’re pretty quick to make.

These biscuits are no exception! Quick to make and truly delicious. In fact, the shortbread is probably the best I have tasted. It melts in your mouth. Then add the caramel to the mix and they are heavenly. I’d love to hear if you make them or have a biscuit recipe you think I ought to try?

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Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix Gluten Free

Bob's Red Mill Brownie Mix Gluten Free

So it’s time for another product review and this time I’m reviewing Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix – Gluten Free.

Jesse brought the mix home from the shops the other week and I had a chocolate craving, so thought why not bake brownies? The packaging mentions adding other ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate chips and walnuts to add some extra texture and flavour. I chose to add some pecans to mix it up!

Pros for Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix
– Only two ingredients required from your pantry (eggs & butter)
– Option to individualise the brownies with an extra ingredient or two
– Simple one step recipe that only requires one bowl
– Takes 10 minutes to prepare and bakes in 30 minutes
– The brownies are moist with a rich but not overpowering chocolate taste
– Brownies remain fresh for 3-4 days

Cons for Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix
– The brownie mixture although moist inside becomes quite dry on top
– There is no guidance regarding the amount of extra ingredients you should add to the brownie mixture

Finally, would I bake these brownies again? Yes, but only if the mixture was heavily discounted at the supermarket and I didn’t have time to make one of my own brownie recipes for visitors.

Please note all opinions are my own and I purchased this product of my own accord.

Chocolate Chip Biscuits Gluten Free

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Biscuits

On the weekend I was dreaming about my upcoming trip with my husband and daughter to Queenstown (New Zealand) and these chocolate chip biscuits. You see, whenever I think about heading to the snow I start craving chocolate chip biscuits. Sounds weird but let me explain the connection…

A month or so before Jesse and I started dating we went on a road trip to the snow with friends. The road trip was about 2½ hours from home and we had all packed some food for the journey and the long weekend away.

While the full list of food we took for the trip isn’t important the fact that Jesse pulled out a container of homemade gluten free chocolate chip biscuits just for me is. He might argue now that he baked those chocolate chip biscuits for everyone, but I knew deep down he was trying to impress me. Clearly it worked, as a month later we began dating, and whenever I think about heading to the snow I instantly crave his chocolate chip biscuits.

Do you have foods that make you think of a certain place or person?

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White Chocolate Macadamia Biscuits Gluten Free

Gluten Free White Chocolate Macadamia Biscuits

These White Chocolate and Macadamia Biscuits are the BEST I have ever baked. Seriously.

It’s a big statement but I think they are my new favourite biscuit. They are really soft (which I love in a biscuit) and the combination of lemon, white chocolate and macadamia makes for an indulgent flavour.

I’d highly recommend you bake some!

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