Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free Bread

This week I decided to share my recipe for Gluten Free Bread. Well, if I’m honest it’s my husbands recipe BUT it’s the BEST homemade Gluten Free Bread I’ve ever tasted, so I had to share it with you.

A loaf or two is baked every week in our house and it gets demolished so quickly. Lyla even seems to prefer it over her own “Gluten containing bread”. I’ve tasted a lot of gluten free bread, but there’s just nothing that compares to the taste and texture, especially when consumed as toast. The bread comes out with the perfect crust and fluffy centre. We add chia and poppy seeds to the loaf but you can add your own variety of seeds too.

My passion for baking remains within the “sweets” category, but I’ve enjoyed sharing something a little different this week. Hope you find it useful and remember to get in touch if you bake any of my recipes. I’d love to hear your baking stories!

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