Chocolate Chip Biscuits Gluten Free

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Biscuits

On the weekend I was dreaming about my upcoming trip with my husband and daughter to Queenstown (New Zealand) and these chocolate chip biscuits. You see, whenever I think about heading to the snow I start craving chocolate chip biscuits. Sounds weird but let me explain the connection…

A month or so before Jesse and I started dating we went on a road trip to the snow with friends. The road trip was about 2½ hours from home and we had all packed some food for the journey and the long weekend away.

While the full list of food we took for the trip isn’t important the fact that Jesse pulled out a container of homemade gluten free chocolate chip biscuits just for me is. He might argue now that he baked those chocolate chip biscuits for everyone, but I knew deep down he was trying to impress me. Clearly it worked, as a month later we began dating, and whenever I think about heading to the snow I instantly crave his chocolate chip biscuits.

Do you have foods that make you think of a certain place or person?

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