Gluten Free Monte Carlos

Gluten Free Monte Carlos

These Gluten Free Monte Carlos are a real delight to make and eat. Though I’ve never tried gluten containing monte carlos, I’ve been told this gluten free version is a lot nicer. These Gluten Free Monte Carlos have a soft crumbly texture with a hint of coconut and a plum and cream like filling.

I sourced the original recipe from a Women’s Weekly cookbook and modified it to be gluten free. I also chose plum jam instead of the traditional raspberry for something a little different and made the the biscuits quite a bit bigger. By all accounts, the modifications made the recipe even better! A recipe that would go perfectly for a morning or afternoon tea party.

I would have loved to share this recipe with you all last week but unfortunately our house was struck down by a delightful tummy bug and writing or thinking about food was far from my mind.

I’m hoping everyone else is well and enjoying the spring weather (for those in Australia of course).

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