Chocolate Pistachio Hedgehog Slice Gluten Free

Chocolate Pistachio Hedgehog Slice Gluten Free

To celebrate the new year I’m sharing this incredible Gluten Free Chocolate Pistachio Hedgehog Slice! This hedgehog slice is seriously cafe quality and a MUST bake for any hedgehog lover. It contains delectable dark chocolate and that perfect nutty pistachio flavour. I plan on gifting it tonight to our neighbours to wish them a Happy New Year! They generously gave us a gorgeous box of hand selected Koko Black Chocolates for Christmas. I must say they have exceptional taste when it comes to chocolate, so I hope they like this slice.

Reflecting on the past few months of blogging (or lack of in my case…), I’ve decided my goal for 2017 is to bake and blog weekly. I know it’s a big goal to bake & blog regularly, amongst caring for a toddler, myself and heading back to work part time. But I love baking and sharing recipes with you all.

Now this is where I need your help! Can you do me a favour?

I’d really love your support and motivation to achieve my goal! This might be through inviting friends or loved ones to like my blog, sharing particular recipes, or even getting in contact with me to let me know you’ve made one of my recipes?! You might even make this Gluten Free Chocolate Pistachio Hedgehog Slice?

I have a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account that you can like or share. Did you know you can also sign up to receive new recipes via email on my website too? The links to all my social media accounts are just to the right of this post.

Thanks so much for stopping by and any support you can offer.
The Naughty Dietitian

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