Gluten Free Mixed Berry Banana Bread

Gluten Free Mixed Berry Banana Bread

I will admit this Gluten Free Mixed Berry Banana Bread is one of the healthier options on my blog (apart from my strawberry banana raspberry muffins). I previously shared a recipe for a raspberry and pistachio banana bread, however I decided to replace the recipe and photo on the weekend with this mixed banana bread as I was fresh out of pistachios. In the end, I discovered that I prefer this version of my banana bread and found my daughter Lyla did too!

The recipe is easy to make and the banana bread will last for three-four days if kept in a air tight container. You can serve it fresh, toasted or warmed up with butter or margarine. I personally prefer it fresh in the first two days then warmed up after that. What about your preferences for serving? Leave a comment below.

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