Salted Chocolate Fudge Gluten Free

Salted Chocolate Fudge Gluten Free

Todays recipe is this Gluten Free Salted Chocolate Fudge.

Last year I gave my husband a copy of Kirsten Tibballs’ “Chocolate” cookbook. The book was a birthday gift and five months later I can finally say we’ve put it to use, following her chocolate fudge recipe to make this Salted Chocolate Fudge.

Luckily the recipe was gluten free, as the fudge is simply to die for! The salt flakes were a last minute addition and give the fudge that lovely salty but sweet kick. Please note, a candy thermometer and a spare pair of hands are beneficial for this recipe to go smoothly.

Special thanks to Jesse for helping me make these delectable treats and to Kirsten Tibballs for the recipe.

The Naughty Dietitian,


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